This application allow seeing all Handling activities at any airport and it covers a wide range of modules applicable to the operations management.

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This application runs the management of all services generated on all facets of an aircraft turnaround. It is used to send MVT, LDM ,PSM, etc… likewise allows you to access to flight planning, loading msgs, load sheets, crew management in general ,fuel uplift ,work orders, creation/ cancellation/reinstatement of flights, slot management and management of airport facilities at each individual airfield.


This application allows seeing the operation as requested by the user in different formats such as per aircraft type, nationality, period of operation, day of operation, registration etc.


This application allows the operator to obtain the necessary data information requested by the Airport authorities in relation to a certain flight operation or date when requested by the authorities.

Covers a wide range of modules applicable to the operations management.Global Technology Development System


This application generates all sorts of stats and graphic reports for the customer, when requested related to air traffic operation, such as : delays, staffing levels, traffic volume, aircraft types, passenger volume, incidents etc.


This application is an easy way to follow the operation either in the airport terminal building or the ramp area. It could be applied to any zoning within the airport and it allows viewing the different stages of the aircraft during the turnaround process. It can also be applied to staff members’ location.


This application gives you with exact accuracy all incidents occurred in the station featuring fastest solutions and reporting adequately.


This application is used to identify and assign permission to different users, even allowing to carry out a parallel control of absentism and holidays cover, etc.


This application supplies and generates all sort of invoices, gives you a full report of what has or is pending to be invoiced with a full date scheme. It can be adapted to any department within the company and allows to centralised and put forward for accounting purposes all related to credit lines, AD-HOC flights and cash incomes.

Personalised invoicing according to each customers´ contract with an easy understanding type of format adapting easily to customers´ request. Likewise it allows accessing the users system to send the invoicing information to the customers´ accounting system.


This application performs loading data through mail protocols, XML, SFTP, FTP, by TELEX SITA messaging. It also allows IATA type B to receive messages.

SSM IATA Manual Chapter 4
ASM IATA Manual Chapter 5 and AHM785
MVT IATA Manual AHM780
LDM IATA Manual AHM583
DIV IATA Manual AHM781
PSM IATA Manual RP1715
PTM IATA Manual RP1718