This is an innovative solution for passenger service with reduced mobility (PMR/SSR) in the Handling Sector. Combining simplicity, economy, reliability and control over all affected airlines and passengers, the resources available and the analysis of the operations allows optimal performance in all phases and processes.

In a simple way through the web browser “Firefox” (free download), our customers are able to work from a single system with all the necessary information for an accurate management of services, people, plans and resources.

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  1. Imports data feed automatically with partner airlines (SSIM File import).
  2. Easy configuration, updating schedules operations & planning system under IATA protocol (E.G.Amadeus System).
  3. Automatic updating system with IATA Messages broadcast (SSM / ASM).
  4. Anticipate actions using the AMC (Aircraft Management Control).


The system performs loading data through mail protocols, XML, SFTP, FTP, via TELEX SITA messaging. It also allows IATA type B to receive messages.

SSM IATA Manual Chapter 4
ASM IATA Manual Chapter 5 and AHM785
MVT IATA Manual AHM780
LDM IATA Manual AHM583
DIV IATA Manual AHM781
PSM IATA Manual RP1715
PTM IATA Manual RP1718
PAL IATA Manual RP1708a
CAL IATA Manual RP1708a


Due to the large amount of data that MAHS PMR/SSR accumulates after each service, the system allows through a management application to show the compliance of SLA (Service Level Agreement) stipulated between Operator and Customer.


Taking advantage of the latest Android System and modern PDA’s or tablets, GHDS has been able to develop a new system able to allow agents with an easy and intuitive way, to manage assigned services through daily operations.